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fms Systems GmbH

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 33
1130 Wien, Österreich

CEO, Managing Director:
Michael Weiss
Hermann Waldner

Wien, IT-Dienstleistung | Handelsgericht Wien | FN: 378873t | UID-Nr.: ATU67237947

Niederlassung Berlin
Persiusstraße 7
D – 10245 Berlin
E-Mail: info(at)
Telefon: +49 30 202021101
Fax: +49 30 202021102

Terms and Conditions (Passengers - Terms and Conditions) and Declaration on the Protection of Data
  1. General; Subject of the Contract
    1. The following Terms and Conditions govern the use of apps within the scope of taxi dispatching (without Payment).
      In as much as taxi companies are appointed as addressees of transport orders in these Terms and Conditions, the latest versions of the legal provisions shall apply.
      fms systems GmbH, Berlin office, Persiusstr. 7, 10245 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter referred to as arranges transport requests for people and goods between the taxi passenger / passengers (hereinafter referred to as Customer / Customers) and the taxi entrepreneur. Provided that Terms and Conditions and/or contractual agreements apply between Customer and the taxi entrepreneur and/or taxi driver (transport agreement), these provisions shall not be governed by these Terms and Conditions.
      The transport agreement is only concluded between the taxi entrepreneur and Customer. Even when using the app, no agreement on the transport of people shall be concluded between and Customer. is entitled to decide which passenger transport company shall be the addressee of the transport request.
      Correspondingly, the settlement of the taxi journey will be carried out between the taxi entrepreneur and Customer.
  2. Rights and obligations of the Contractual Parties
    1. Services provided by
      1. The transport request of Customer shall be transmitted to the connected vehicles. A positive outcome is not guaranteed in so far as a transport agreement will be concluded with the taxi entrepreneur. Correspondingly, there is no guarantee for the actual performance of an offered journey / a journey request.
      2. No guarantee can be given for the uninterruptible availability of the app and for available taxis.
      3. provides for free software (app) for the dispatch of vacant taxis of connected partner taxi call centres to Customer.
      4. transmits the transport request to the local connected taxi call centre that forwards the order to the connected taxi companies.
      5. shall strive towards a high level of reliability of the dispatching system.
      6. shall be responsible for advertising and placement.
    2. Obligations, services and rights of Customer:
      1. Customer shall transmit correct and truthful data to The use of the app must not cause any disruption or overload of the systems.
      2. Customer shall use a properly functioning internet connection.
      3. When registering, Customer shall indicate both his name and mobile phone number.
  3. Costs and Prices
    1. Customer will not be charged for the dispatch through the app, with two exceptions:
      1. A tariff-related surcharge for taxi radio dispatches or for cashless payments may be applicable. Type and amount of this surcharge are subject to the corresponding local taxi tariffs.
      2. Customer shall bear the costs for the internet access.
    2. cancellation costs will be charged if Customer cancels the transport request prior to dispatching by
  4. Liability

    In principle, liability is applied in accordance with the legal regulations. will not be liable for simple negligence with the exception of a breach of essential duties (cardinal duties) by In such a case, the liability of is limited to the typically foreseeable damage.

    The user shall compensate for the resulting damage in the case of a culpable breach of the duty of care, see § 2 b of these Terms and Conditions.

    Customer shall grant an exemption from liability of towards third parties in the case of an infringement of the law by Customer in accordance with aforementioned standards, particularly with regard to a culpable breach of Customer’s obligations mentioned in § 2 b by Customer.

  5. Data Protection collects, processes and uses company-related and personal data within the framework of the legal provisions. Customer explicitly agrees to the collection, processing and use of his personal data (name, addresses, phone number) (§ 4, paragraph 1, German Federal Data Protection Act). Customer agrees that telephone calls can be recorded within the scope of self-protection and for the purpose of controlling the staff training. These recordings will be automatically deleted within 30 days at the latest.

    Other data at will be deleted within 30 days after the concluded payment of the journey.

  6. Applicable Law, Place of Fulfilment and Place of Jurisdiction
    German Law shall apply. Berlin is place of jurisdiction and place of fulfilment for all disputes arising provided that Customer is a merchant.
  7. Termination of Contract

    The contracting parties may terminate Contract at any time without notice. On serious grounds, users can be excluded from using the app, in particular when triggering bookings without the actual wish to make the journey. In that case, shall inform Customer about the blocking. Notification shall be issued via a system message within the app. will have the right to end the operation of the software / application (app) at any time. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

  8. Severability Clause
    If any term or any future adopted provision of this Contract or of these Terms and Conditions is to any extent partially or totally invalid or incapable of being enforced or will be illegal or incapable to be enforced in the future, all other terms hereof shall remain in full force. The same shall apply if there is any loophole to be detected. The contracting parties agree that the invalid or unenforceable term or the loophole shall be deemed to be replaced by a term that – as far as is legally possible - comes closest to expressing the intention of this Contract. This shall also apply if the unenforceability of a term has arisen from a specific figure given therein with regard to performance or time (deadline or date); the specific figure that comes as close as possible to the stipulated performance or time (deadline or date) shall be deemed to be agreed upon.
Berlin, January 2015
Terms and Conditions - APP Payment and Declaration on the Protection of Data
  1. Basics; Object

    These Terms and Conditions govern the non-cash payments of taxi journeys (hereinafter referred to as “APP Payment“) involving the use of the app, and also supplement the Terms and Conditions for taxi customers (general Terms and Conditions) of the app.

    APP Payment refers to payment transactions in which at least the payer uses mobile electronic means to initiate, authorise or realise the payment of the taxi fare, e.g. by means of mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablet computers. With APP Payment, the taxi customer is provided with a non-cash payment option by using the app.

    With regard to the payment methods PayPal or customer cards, fms systems GmbH, Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 33, 1130 Vienna, Austria (hereinafter referred to as “fms systems“) shall handle the payment of the fare when using the non-cash payment procedure “APP Payment“ with the app. Wirecard AG, Einsteinring 35, 85609 Aschheim, Germany, shall be responsible for the handling of other possible payment methods (particularly credit cards) when using the non-cash payment procedure. The payment procedure shall always be agreed upon the customer and the taxi dispatch centre. The Terms and Conditions of Wirecard AG and the respective taxi dispatch centres shall be applied. Within the framework of the APP Payment, fms systems only provides for the (technical) infrastructure. A list of all Partner Dispatch Centers capable to support APP Payment is included in ANNEX 1 of this document. Please consider that the payment methods actually available depend on the Partner Dispatch Center and a guarantee cannot be provided that all payment methods technically supported are actually accepted everywhere for payment.

    This Agreement is concluded between the taxi customer (hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) and fms systems. The Terms and Conditions for the APP Payment govern the aforementioned contractual relationship. The agreement with the taxi dispatch centre including the payment procedure as well as the contract of carriage between the taxi company and Customer remains unaffected thereby.

  2. Rights and Obligations of the Contracting Parties
    1. Rights and Obligations of fms systems:
      1. fms systems puts the non-cash payment procedure APP Payment within the app at Customer’s disposal.
      2. Using APP Payment, Customer can store payment methods, e.g. PayPal, credit cards or taxi customer cards. Customer is entitled to use APP Payment to pay the taxi fare owed to the taxi entrepreneur. The payment procedure shall always be agreed upon between Customer and the respective taxi dispatch centre.
      3. fms systems does not provide a warranty on the uninterruptable availability of the payment method APP Payment. A warranty on the availability of taxis that participate in APP Payment can also not be provided.
      4. fms systems strives to ensure that high levels of reliability of the system are maintained.
      5. When carrying out the payment procedure, fms systems reserves the right to debit various amounts from the user’s PayPal account not exceeding, however, the total amount payable by Customer to fms systems.
    2. Obligations, Services and Rights of the Customer
      1. The Customer shall transmit correct and truthful data to fms systems. The use of APP payment must not impair or strain the systems of fms systems.
      2. Customer shall pay attention to data security (user name, password, PIN). Customer shall neither inform third parties about sensitive data nor transfer sensitive data to third parties.
      3. In the case of loss of relevant data, Customer shall immediately inform fms systems via the e-mail address
      4. The Customer shall use a working internet connection.
      5. The user shall ensure that sufficient cover is available for the means of payment. In the registration process, Customer shall indicate one valid e-mail address that can be accessed by Customer only and that is linked to Customers’ account. In the registration process of Customer’s account, Customer shall store the existing payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, etc. There is, however, no warranty provided that every payment can be used in the city in which is applied.
      6. Customer is entitled to delete means of payment from Customer’s payment account, to add additional means of payment within the scope of options provided, as well as to delete the entire account at any time.
      7. During the APP Payment procedure, the taxi driver will never be informed about Customer’s underlying payment method. This applies on both PayPal and credit card payments. Based on the agreement between the issuer of the means of payment and Customer, all aforementioned means of payment may cause additional charges debited outside of APP Payment.
      8. In the registration process, Customer shall indicate a valid e-mail address and Customer’s mobile phone number. The e-mail must be confirmed by e-mail verification.
      9. Taxi customers who did not order the taxi via the app or via the hotline may also use APP Payment.
  3. Characteristics of APP Payment
    1. APP Payment is an alternative to cash payment which is also possible in the taxi. The Customer is not obliged to use APP Payment as it only provides for an additional payment option.
    2. As a prerequisite for the application of APP Payment, the taxi entrepreneur must be connected to the system. Clear signing at and within the taxi provides for Customer’s orientation.
    3. In the registration process for APP Payment, Customer selects one or more of the registered means of payment (e.g. credit card or PayPal).
    4. Customer may choose a personal identification number (PIN) to protect APP Payment and the taxi receipts.
    5. If Customer uses PayPal, Customer pays the amount without indicating the bank or credit card data to Registration of these data as well as the electronic debit procedure is carried out directly between Customer and PayPal. Customer may be charged for PayPal charges. Customer needs a PayPal account to be able to use the PayPal means of payment.
    6. Customer shall protect the account against unauthorised access and shall not pass the access data, particularly the PIN, to third parties.
    7. In the case of loss or theft, a blocking notification must be sent immediately to
  4. Costs and Prices
    1. The use of APP Payment does not entail costs to the user with the following two exceptions:
      1. With non-cash payments, a tariff-based charge may apply. The type and the amount of this charge depend on the valid local taxi tariffs.
      2. The Customer shall bear the costs for the internet access.
    2. The taxi driver and/or the taxi entrepreneur shall transmit the amount for the delivered service to fms systems. Optionally, Customer may add a tip.
    3. fms systems and/or the respective taxi dispatch centre are entitled to collect these amounts on behalf of its entrepreneurs.
  5. Conclusion of and Withdrawal from the Agreement

    The Agreement between fms systems and the Customer is concluded by the registration and the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

    The Agreement terminates by deleting the APP Payment account. Both parties may terminate the Agreement at any time with immediate effect. Obligations that have existed until this time remain unaffected; Customer / the taxi passenger shall pay open invoices even if the account may have been deleted in the meantime.

  6. Liability
    1. Liability will only be applied according to the legal regulations.

      fms systems, however, shall not be liable for slight negligence unless fms systems fails to comply with very important obligations, so-called “cardinal obligations”, caused by slight negligence. In this case, fms systems shall compensate the typically foreseeable damages.

    2. The Customer shall bear the chargeback costs in the case of a chargeback under the responsibility of the Customer.
    3. fms systems shall not be liable for the correct execution of the non-cash payment, particularly in the case of credit card and PayPal payments. In the case of problems and malfunctions when executing the Agreement, in particular regarding incorrect bookings, the user shall approach his contract partner, i. e. the payment service provider.

      In the event of a culpable breach by the user of the duty of care, particularly with regard to § 2 b of these Terms and Conditions, the user shall be liable for any damage thereby incurred and shall compensate fms systems.

      In an event of an infringement of the law by Customer, Customer shall release fms systems from liability, in particular with regard to a breach of the obligations mentioned under § 2 b.

  7. Data Protection

    fms systems collects, processes and uses company and personal data within the framework of legal provisions (name, address, phone number). Customer expressly agrees to the collection, processing and use of these personal data by fms systems or a Partner Dispatch Center according to ANNEX 1.

    Customer agrees with the use of GPS data when using APP Payment for the settlement of the taxi ride (starting and destination addresses, times of departure and arrival), as well as with the automatic transfer of these trip data to the automatically generated receipt and/or bill. The deletion of these data with is carried out in accordance with the legal provisions.

    The data necessary for the receipts will be deleted as soon as Customer deletes his receipts from the app.

  8. Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction

    Unless mandatory legal provisions require other regulations, Austrian law will apply and Vienna is the exclusive place of jurisdiction.

  9. Severability Clause

    If any stipulation of this Agreement or these Terms and Conditions or a future provision included in these is determined to be entirely or partially invalid or unenforceable or, at a later time, may lose its legal effect or enforceability, all other stipulations shall nevertheless remain in full force. The same applies if it should turn out that there is a loophole. In order to replace the invalid or unenforceable stipulations or to fill the loophole, the Parties agree that an appropriate provision shall be agreed upon 5 that, if legally possible, comes closest to expressing the intention or the purpose of the Agreement if the invalidity, unenforceability or the loophole had been known before. The same applies if the invalidity of a stipulation is based on a scope of service or a time specification (notice period or deadline) stipulated in the Agreement; then, a legally permissible scope of service or a time specification (notice period or deadline) will be seen as agreed upon which comes closest to the intended purpose.

Vienna, May 2018

Privacy Statement for mobile apps

In accordance with the current stipulations of the EU directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), has produced this privacy statement to explain what type of information we collect, how we use data and which options you are provided with as a user of our app. When preparing this statement, we have tried very hard to describe the most important items as simple and clear as possible.

  1. Information on collecting, using and processing of personal data
    1. In accordance with Art. 4 (7) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the processor is

      fms Systems GmbH
      Hietzinger Hauptstraße 33
      A – 1130 Wien
      E-Mail: datenschutz(at)

      In case of queries relating to the procession, in particular the collection, storage and use of your personal data, the disclosure, rectification, erasure or blocking of data as well as queries relating to the revocation of consents granted, please contact fms Systems GmbH in written form under datenschutz(at)

    2. You are entitled to download the mobile app to your mobile terminal free of charge without giving any personal details. We process data only as far as this is necessary for downloading our mobile app to your end terminal.
    3. Before using the app when registering a booking account, fms Systems GmbH collects names, e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of taxi customers on a mandatory basis. The mobile phone number can be verified by a text message. The booking account will be stored under the e-mail address on the server of fms Systems GmbH.
    4. When using our mobile app, we collect personal data as described below to enable the comfortable use of the functions. If you want to use our app, we collect the following data, as described below, that are technically necessary to offer you the functions of our mobile app and to ensure stability and security, with Art.6 (1) p.1 lit. f, GDPR as legal basis:
      • IP address
      • date and time of the query
      • time zone difference from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
      • contents of the requirement
      • operating system and its interface
      • language and version of the operating system.
    5. Collection of your location data

      Our service range comprises location-based services providing you with special offers that have been tailor made for your current location. When ordering a vehicle, the address of the location will be collected, automatically if applicable. You can only use these functions after having accepted via a pop-up that, with a view to the provision of services, we can collect your location data using GPS and your IP address in anonymous form. You may allow or withdraw the functionality in the settings of your app or of your operating system at any time. Your location will only be transmitted to us if, when using the app, you make use of functions which can only be offered to you if your location is known. Your location data shall not be used to create motion profiles beyond your current location.

      On a voluntary basis, you can give details on your destination, on your person or on your booking options. Completed bookings are saved in your personal order history which you can view via the “Order History” As an option, you can mark addresses as favourites.

    6. For the optional registration of the payment function, the email address can be verified by an email. You can store various payment instruments in your payment account. The storage of the payment instruments authorised by you is performed for credit cards at Wirecard Bank AG (Einsteinring 35 85609 Aschheim, Germany; email: service(at) , internet:, for the payment instrument PayPal at PayPal themselves (see this Privacy Statement under 8 and 9). fms Systems GmbH only stores a token for these payment instruments which has been provided by the payment service provider in your account. A token is a type of placeholder replacing the actual payment instrument data. The server of fms Systems GmbH only stores the taxi customer cards resp. vouchers in your account.

    7. You can view all stored personal data via the “My Profile” menu at any time. You can view all stored rides via the “Order History” menu at any time where you can also delete rides from your account. You can view all stored payment instruments via the “Payment Instruments” at any time where you can also delete payment instruments from your account.

    8. In addition to the access to your data via the app, access can also be made possible via the internet portal on with your registered email address and your personal password.

    9. fms Systems GmbH processes, in particular collects, stores and uses your personal data without separate consent exclusively for the processing of the services and products offered in this app. When making a booking, the order data are submitted to the dispatching taxi dispatch centre and the taxi driver. When using the booking function, you expressly agree to such transfer of data. Moreover, we draw your attention to the fact that in the event of suspected behaviour that violates the law, such data can only be viewed by authorised personnel of fms Systems GmbH who are subject to the obligation of secrecy and confidentiality.

    10. fms Systems GmbH shall automatically delete your respective order data after 500 days, your payment data shall be deleted after the end of the legal retention period.

    11. Using technical and organisational measures, fms Systems GmbH protects the app and other systems against loss, destruction, access, modification or divulgation of your data by unauthorised persons.

    12. We use https to transmit data in the internet so that no unauthorised persons can read such data. By using TLS (Transport Layer Security), an encryption protocol for secure data transmission in the internet, we can ensure the protection of confidential data.

  2. Collection of personal data when using our mobile app
    1. The mobile app does not use cookies.
  3. Analysis tools and advertising
    1. Google AdWords and Google Conversion Tracking

      We use Google AdWords. AdWords is an online advertising program of Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (“Google”).

      Within the framework of Google AdWords, we use so-called conversion tracking. If you click on an advertisement displayed by Google, a cookie is placed for conversion tracking. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the internet browser on the user’s device. Such cookies lose their validity after 30 days and do not serve as a means to identify the users. If the user visits specific pages of this app, such as the app download page and if the cookie has not yet expired, both Google and fms Systems GmbH may notice that the user clicked on the advertisement and was passed on to this page.

      Every Google AdWords customer gets another cookie. Such cookies cannot be tracked via the websites of AdWords customers. Information gathered via the conversion cookie is used for creating conversion statistics for AdWords customers who have opted for conversion tracking. The customers learn about the total number of users who clicked on the advertisement and about who were passed on to a site added with a conversion tracking tag. However, they do not obtain any information that can be used to identify the user. If you do not wish to participate in the tracking process, you can refuse the use of this program by easily deactivating the Google conversion tracking cookie via your internet browser through the user settings. In this case, you will not be included in the conversion tracking statistics.

      Conversion cookies are stored pursuant to Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. f, GDPR. We have a legitimate interest in the analysis of the user behaviour in order to optimise both our website and our promotion activities.

      More information on Google AdWords and Google Conversion Tracking can be found in Google’s privacy policy:

      You can configure your browser (1) to alert you whenever a cookie is being sent, (2) to allow cookies on a case-by-case basis, (3) to refuse the acceptance of cookies in specific cases or in general, (4) to automatically delete the cookies when closing the browser.

    2. Google Analytics for Firebase

      In order to analyse the app, we use the functions of Google Analytics for Firebase provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

      Using Google Analytics for Firebase, basic data relating to the use of the app are collected, e.g. data relating to basic interactions, for instance how often your app has been opened or how many orders have been placed. All data are used exclusively on an anonymous basis.

      Objection against data collection

      The collection and storage of data by Google Analytics can be opposed prospectively at any time. More information relating to the handling of user data can be found in Google’s privacy policy:

    3. Adjust in the apps

      In order to analyse the use of the app, we use the functions of Adjust (adjust GmbH, Saarbrücker Str. 38a, 10405 Berlin, Germany). The Adjust services have been verified and certified in accordance with the ePrivacy seals. For analysis purposes, Adjust uses IP and Mac addresses of the users exclusively on an anonymous basis. It is not possible to draw conclusions about a natural person. The gathered information is exclusively used for analysing the function and the use of the app with collecting anonymous evaluations and graphics regarding the number of visits, the number of the accessed sites per user etc. The analyses are exclusively used for our own market research as well as for the optimisation and the needs-based design of the app. The privacy policy of Adjust can be found under:

  4. Your rights under the GDPR

    You shall have the right to obtain information as data subject (Art. 15 GDPR), to obtain the rectification of the collected data (Art. 16 GDPR), to obtain erasure of personal data (Art.17 GDPR), to obtain restriction of or objection to the processing of personal data (Art. 18 GDPR) as well as the right to data portability (Art. 20 GDPR).

    Furthermore, you shall have the right to withdraw your consent (in accordance with Art. 7 (3) GDPR): you are entitled to prospectively withdraw your consent to processing of data once given at any time. In the case of withdrawal, we shall immediately delete such data provided that further processing cannot be supported by a legal basis for processing without consent. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal;

    In the case of breaches of data protection legislation, you shall have the right of appeal with a regulatory body. In Austria, this is the Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde ( In Germany, these are the Landesdatenschutzbeauftragten der Bundesländer, as well as the Bayerische Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht (BayLDA) for non-public regulatory partners. The following link provides a list of the German data protection officers:






  6. Newsletter data

    If you want to receive our newsletter, we need your email address as well as information allowing us to verify that you are the owner of such email address and that you agree to receiving the newsletter. Additional data shall not be collected or on a voluntary basis only. We shall exclusively use these data for the sending of the requested information and shall not pass these data to third parties.

    Processing of the data entered in the application form of the newsletter shall exclusively be performed with your consent (Art. 6 (1) lit. a, GDPR). Via the “Unsubscribe” link in the newsletter, you can withdraw your consent once given to the storage of the data and of the email address as well as to the use of such data for sending the newsletter. The withdrawal shall not affect the lawfulness of already performed data processing operations.

    We shall store the data collected for the purpose of sending the newsletter until your unsubscription and we shall delete such data following the unsubscription of the newsletter. Data that we have collected for other purposes (e.g. email addresses for the member area) remain unaffected by this.

  7. Maps
    1. Google Maps

      This site uses the Google Maps map service through an API provided by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA.

      The storage of your IP address is necessary for the use of the functions of Google Maps. As a rule, this information will be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and stored hereinafter. The provider of this site has no influence on this data transmission.

      Using Google Maps, we aim at an appealing presentation of our online offers and at an easy retrieval of the places indicated in our app. This constitutes a legitimate interest within the meaning of Art. 6 (1) lit. f, GDPR.

      More information relating to the handling of user data can be found in Google’s privacy policy:

    2. iOS Apple Maps

      Under iOS Apple, we use maps of Apple Inc. (Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014, USA) in our app. By using the functions of this map, data are transmitted to Apple. Information on the data collected by Apple and the use of such data can be found under

  8. Payment provider PayPal

    Amongst others, we offer payment via PayPal provided by PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. et Cie, S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg (hereinafter referred to as “PayPal”).

    If you select the payment via PayPal, the payment data entered by you will be transmitted to PayPal.

    The transmission of your data to PayPal is carried out based on Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. a, GDPR (consent) and Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. b, GDPR (processing necessary for the performance of a contract). You shall have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing at any time. A withdrawal shall not affect the effectiveness of past data processing operations.

  9. Payment provider Wirecard

    Amongst others, we offer payment via Wirecard provided by (Einsteinring 35 85609 Aschheim, E-Mail: service(at), Internet: referred to as “Wirecard”).

    If you select the payment via Wirecard, the payment data entered by you will be transmitted to Wirecard.

    The transmission of your data to Wirecard is carried out based on Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. a, GDPR (consent) and Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. b, GDPR (processing necessary for the performance of a contract). You shall have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing at any time. A withdrawal shall not affect the effectiveness of past data processing operations.

  10. Payment provider Amazon Payments

    Amongst others, we offer payment via Amazon Payments provided by Amazon Payments Europe s.c.a., 38 avenue J.F. Kennedy, L-1855 Luxemburg (hereinafter referred to as “Amazon Payments”).

    If you select the payment via Amazon Payments, the payment data entered by you will be transmitted to Amazon Payments.

    The transmission of your data to Amazon Payments is carried out based on Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. a, GDPR (consent) and Art. 6 (1) 1 lit. b, GDPR (processing necessary for the performance of a contract). You shall have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing at any time. A withdrawal shall not affect the effectiveness of past data processing operations.

  11. Login through Facebook Connect

    You can also access our services through Facebook Connect. In order to gain access, you will be directed to Facebook where you can log in using your user data to link your profile with our services. Through this link, Facebook Inc. automatically provides us with data; however, we will only use your first and last names, your e-mail address and your profile picture. This information is required to identify you when concluding the contract.

    Please refer to the data protection information and the terms of use of Facebook Inc. for further information on Facebook-Connect and the privacy settings.